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1CollaborationTeam CommunicationZoomShare your entire screen1510
2Finance and BankingCryptocurrency TradingUniswapTrade Ethereum for a stablecoin on Uniswap55120
3Cloud StorageData BackupFilecoinBackup a 1GB folder to FileCoin30300
4News and InformationNews AggregationHacker NewsUpvote the newest article on Hacker News515
5Web BrowsersWindow ManagementGoogle ChromeSplit current tab 50% right of the screen and side-by-side the other tab1015
6Development & DesignCryptocurrency HackathonsETHGlobalStake ETH to join an ETHGlobal hackathon70250
7SpreadsheetSpreadsheet ManipulationGoogle SheetsCopy the table of US presidents from Wikipedia to a new Google Sheet2545
8Social MediaEngagementX.comFind @playbacknet on x.com and repost our latest post1015
9Web DevelopmentDesignWordPressLog in and change the theme on a Wordpress instance4090
10CalendarSchedulingApple CalendarCreate a recurring "Send report" invite for every Monday at 10 AM1510
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